Saturday, 1 February 2014

A short break in the weather

For the first time in what seems like an age it was not raining this morning ... and it has not started yet!

As a result I decided to spend some time in the garden cutting up and shredding the laurel hedge branches that had broken off and fallen down during the recent storms. After a couple of hours work I had managed to get all the branches together and had cut up and shredded about a third of them.

The time I spent gardening gave me the opportunity to do some thinking about how I am going to combine some elements of Richard Brooks' OP14 wargame rules with those drawn from my own ITCHY AND SCRATCHY wargame rules ... and with luck I should be able to start work on the first draft later today.


  1. Hi Bob,

    Very interested at what you will come up with!

    All the best,


  2. David Crook,

    I will send you a copy as soon as it is finished ... but it is taking me a bit longer to complete than I expected so it may well not be ready today.

    All the best,


  3. Bob,
    I, too, will be very interested in this amagamation.

    I've been looking at the Napoleonic version of OP14 in Nugget, but am not finding it easy to get my head around, for some reason... Old age??

    Yet I found Jeff Knudsen's recent Napoleonic Command II quite easy to follow.

    Good luck with your efforts,

  4. Arthur1815,

    At the moment the rules are beginning to take on a format that combines the ITCHY AND SCRATCHY combat system with the OP14 unit organisation, movement rules, and weapon ranges. I don't know if they will work ... but I cannot see any reason why not.

    I have yet to get my head around the Napoleonic version of OP14. I think that it should work, but I need to try it out to fully understand how it works.

    All the best,



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