Friday, 21 February 2014

Reorganising my collection of 25/28mm-scale Napoleonic figures

This afternoon I decided to reorganise my collection of painted 25/28mm-scale Napoleonic Waterloo-era figures. (They were bought with a Del Prado part-work that was published some years ago.)

I began with my Prussian Army, and using a 4:4:2 ratio for figure strengths for Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery Units I ended up with:
  • 4 Infantry Units: 4 x Line Infantry
  • 3 Cavalry Units: 2 x Dragoons; 1 x Hussars
  • 1 Artillery Units: 1 x Foot Artillery
I then applied the same rational to my Anglo/Dutch/Belgian Army, and found that I could field:
  • 16 Infantry Units: 4 x Guard Infantry; 4 x Highland Infantry; 2 x Line Infantry; 2 x Rifles; 2 x Belgian Chasseurs; 1 x King's German Legion Infantry; 1 x Brunswick Infantry
  • 5 Cavalry Units: 1 x Life Guards; 1 x Scots Greys; 1 x Dutch Carabiniers; 2 x Light Dragoons
  • 4 Artillery Units: 1 x Horse Artillery; 3 x Foot Artillery
I hope to go through my French Army figures tomorrow to see how many Units it will yield up.


  1. I am always fascinated by this sort of thing. I've looked back a small way in your archives to find the answer for myself, but came up blank: what sized units are we talking about?

    Your pal Paul Thistlebarrow's system I like: Army corps of 4 x 8-figure infantry, 1 x 4-figure horse and a gun. It certainly makes for huge army-level actions!
    It was very similar to the organization of an old war gaming buddy (who introduced my to the hobby) one Philip Allen. His units added an officer: 9-fig foot and 5-figure Horse, with (usually) 4 units comprising a Division, 3 Divisions an Army Corps.

    I'm thinking along the lines of Paul's and Pip's methods but retaining my own 24-figure foot and 12 figure horse units. A revisit of my own Napoleonic armies seems to be indicated... just to see what I have got!


  2. Archduke Piccolo (Ion),

    I am using four-man Infantry and Cavalry Units and two-man Artillery Units. I can then use them for COMMAND & COLOURS-style games (e.g. an early nineteenth version of my MEMOIR OF BATTLE rules), Morschauser-style games, and - if I pair up the Infantry Units - battles along the lines of those fought by Paul Leniston (AKA Thistlebarrow).

    All the best,


  3. And as an added convenience, it looks like these forces are small enough to fit in your storage boxes!

    Best regards,


  4. Chris,

    You are absolutely right! The units fit the sections in the 'hobby trays' of my REALLY USEFUL BOXES very nicely indeed.

    All the best,



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