Saturday, 22 February 2014

Reorganising my collection of 25/28mm-scale Napoleonic figures: A progress report

I managed to finish reorganising my collection of painted 25/28mm-scale Napoleonic Waterloo-era figures, and after a bit of re-thinking, they Armies and Units are organised as follows:

French Army
  • 16 Infantry Units: 2 x Guard Grenadiers; 7 x Line Infantry; 7 x Light Infantry
  • 9 Cavalry Units: 4 x Cuirassiers; 2 x Carabiniers; 2 x Chasseurs; 1 x Lancers
  • 6 Artillery Units: 2 x Horse Artillery; 4 x Foot Artillery
  • 7 Generals
British Army
  • 13 Infantry Units: 4 x Guard Infantry; 4 x Highland Infantry; 2 x Line Infantry; 2 x Rifles; 1 x King's German Legion Infantry
  • 4 Cavalry Units: 1 x Life Guards; 1 x Scots Greys; 2 x Light Dragoons
  • 4 Artillery Units: 1 x Horse Artillery; 3 x Foot Artillery
  • 4 Generals
Prussian Army
  • 4 Infantry Units: 4 x Line Infantry
  • 3 Cavalry Units: 2 x Dragoons; 1 x Hussars
  • 1 Artillery Units: 1 x Foot Artillery
  • 2 Generals
Allied Army
  • 3 Infantry Units: 2 x Belgian Chasseurs; 1 x Brunswick Infantry
  • 1 Cavalry Unit: 1 x Dutch Carabiniers
It is my intention to organise these Units into Divisions, with each Infantry Division having two Infantry Brigades (each with two Infantry Units) plus a Cavalry Unit and an Artillery Unit. Cavalry Divisions would have two Cavalry Brigades (each with two Cavalry Units) plus an Artillery Unit

By adopting this Divisional organisation each of the national armies ends up looking like this:

French Army
  • 4 Infantry Divisions (16 x Infantry Units, 4 x Cavalry Units, and 4 x Artillery Units)
  • 1 Cavalry Division (4 x Cavalry Units and 1 x Artillery Unit)
  • Plus the following unattached Units: 1 x Cavalry Unit and 1 x Artillery Unit.
British Army
  • 3 Infantry Divisions (12 x Infantry Units, 3 x Cavalry Units, and 3 x Artillery Units)
  • Plus the following unattached Units: 1 x Infantry Unit, 1 x Cavalry Unit and 1 x Artillery Unit.
Prussian Army
  • 1 Infantry Division (4 x Infantry Units, 1 x Cavalry Unit, and 1 x Artillery Unit)
  • Plus the following unattached Units: 2 x Cavalry Units
If the British can ally themselves with the Units from the Allied Army, between them they could field a further Infantry Division.

This has been both an interesting and a therapeutic exercise, and has made me realise what a hardly used wargaming asset I have available to me. Now that the Units are organised I will need to re-base them. I don’t intend to do this right away, but it is an ideal project to do in stages as and when I feel like it.


  1. Good man Bob. Trying to make sure that all the toys are in a state where they can actually be used is a full time job sometimes.

  2. Conrad Kinch,

    It has been a task that I should have done years ago ... and now that it has been done, I feel that I have not just gained a 'new' collection of figures but also a degree of interest in a period of history I had previously pretty well ignored.

    All the best,



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