Sunday, 9 February 2014

First stage almost complete

I was right. When tidying up, the moment when things appear to be most confused immediately precedes the moment when things come together again.

I am almost at that latter moment.

I have just one corner of my toy/wargames room to deal with ... and then the first stage of the spring clean will be over, and I can begin the second stage.

So what is the second stage if the room is now tidy?

That is simple; it involves going around the room AGAIN and checking that I know where everything now is and – if necessary – moving one or two bits so that related items are stored together. Once that is done, matters will progress to the third stage, which is the point when all the loose odds and ends are sorted and stored.

I fully expect the first stage to be completed just after lunch (we have to go to do some shopping this morning, otherwise it would be finished this morning) and the second stage to be completed tomorrow. The third stage will then begin, with the intention that it will end by Friday at the latest. (We have a trip to the National Archives planned for later this week and I also have two Masonic meetings to attend.)

I hope to 'celebrate' the completion of the spring clean with a wargame ... but who knows when that will be?


  1. Hi Bob

    Yep, "who knows when it will be", but I tentatively suggest I do see a 65 lurking on the horizon. When that moment arrives either the job will be done, or, you will be repeating "who knows when it will be?"

    Either way, it is good.


  2. Courage Mon Cordery! Tidying is always faintly depressing, but you're in the final furlong.

    As your medical advisor I recommend a solo game at the very least for the good of your health.

    I shall make out the prescription.

  3. Arthur,

    I suspect that the spring clean of my toy/wargames room will be an annual event.

    At present stage 1 is finished and stage 2 has begun ... and should be finished tomorrow.

    All the best,


  4. Conrad Kinch,

    The process of spring cleaning my toy/wargames room is time-consuming rather than depressing ... but it will hopefully be over soon. Once it is, I hope to fight a solo battle or two to celebrate the 're-opening' of my room.

    All the best,



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