Thursday, 27 February 2014

Another visit to the National Archives

My wife and I visited the National Archives again today in order to continue our search for her illusive forebear William Richardson. We left home at 8.40am this morning to drive the eighteen or so miles from our house to Kew ... and finally got to our destination just over two hours later!

We had not realised when we left home that there had been a serious traffic accident on the north-bound approach to the Blackwall Tunnel. The tailback of vehicles unable to get through the tunnel was so long that it cut across our route. Added to this was the additional traffic that had diverted onto our route across London to avoid the traffic jam on the tunnel approach. The result was a fraught and tiring journey that was even worse than the normal rush hour drive around the South Circular from Woolwich to Kew.

To make matters worse, the journey home took longer than usual because traffic flow on the main roads in South London had still not returned to normal ... nine hours after the accident had taken place!

As to William Richardson ... well we managed to find some records pertaining to his time in the Royal Artillery, and we are a little bit closer to being able trace his career from when he enlisted until the day he retired.

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