Friday, 14 February 2014

HMS Thunderer

During the recent spring clean of my toy/wargames room I found some unmade Revell 1:1200th-scale models of HMS King George V and USS Iowa ... and decided that by combining the turrets from one with the hull and superstructure of the other I could produce a reasonable look-alike model of a Lion-class battleship. Thus was born HMS Thunderer.

The Lion-class battleships were the follow-on design to the King George V-class, and were basically a slightly enlarged version of the earlier design. They were armed with nine 16-inch guns in place of the ten 14-inch guns carried by the King George V-class and had a transom stern that was intended to improve the class's hull efficiency.


  1. What a great conversion - it looks very natural, as if it was a kit in itself, you've done a fantastic job there.

  2. Colonel Scipio,

    Thanks very much for your kind comments. The model still needs to have its masts added (I will make them from wire) and one or two details added.

    The forward turrets should be a little further away from the bridge superstructure and B turret's barbette should be very slightly larger ... but as this is a model for wargaming I can live with these minor 'defects'.

    All the best,



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