Monday, 26 July 2010

Busy, busy, busy ...

I do not seem to have had much time to relax today, and I am definitely feeling as if I have done too much; after all, I am supposed to be on holiday!

My plans to have a quick wargame this morning had to be shelved because I had to do some work on the company accounts before the end of the financial year on 31st July. This involved a visit to the bank, something that always takes longer than expected. Today I got stuck in a queue behind several people who were paying in large amounts of cash on behalf of their companies ... and the procedure of checking, re-checking, and then correcting the mistakes that had been made took almost thirty minutes. By the time my simple transactions had taken place, the queue of people waiting to see a cashier went out of the door!

My wife and I then went to see my father-in-law who lives in Herne Bay, Kent. This is a return journey of 115 miles, and the drive usually takes just over an hour each way ... but today we had to visit the local cash-and-carry warehouse first to buy him a load of things that he wanted. This added quite a bit of time to our journey as the warehouse is in the opposite direction from the route we take to Herne Bay.

During our journey to Herne Bay we managed to grab some lunch at Chatham, but when we arrived at our destination my father-in-law announced that he had to go to visit a friend who is in hospital in Canterbury. We unloaded all the things we had bought for him, and then had a quick chat before he set off to the hospital.

The drive home was somewhat more fraught than the drive to Herne Bay, as the roads seem to have been invaded by large numbers of foreign lorries and coaches. Rather than being able to drive at a steady 65-70 mph most of the way home, my speed was going up and down like a yo-yo as lorries or coaches pulled out – usually with little or no warning – and overtook each other at slow speed on the two-lane motorway. By the time I got home I was tired and very fed-up, and not in the best of moods.

However, my wife assures me that things will be better tomorrow, so with a bit of luck I might actually manage to fight the wargame that I have promised myself.

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