Friday, 9 July 2010

Paddy Griffith: Funeral service details

Paddy Griffith will be cremated later today after a short, Humanist service that will be held at 2.40pm at Manchester Crematorium.

Due to work commitments I will be unable to make the journey from South East London to Manchester to be at the service, but my thoughts will be with Paddy's family today. Wargame Developments will be represented by – amongst others – Tim Gow.

Paddy's family have requested that the only flowers at the service should be those sent by members of the family, but they have asked that donations in memory of Paddy could be given to Oxfam and the British Heart Foundation.

I understand that there are ongoing discussions about some appropriate longer-term memorial or memorials to Paddy's memory.


  1. There was a wonderful turnout for Paddy's funeral. Many of us, greyer and stouter, had not seen each other for a decade or two, but we all understood that failure to identify was not on this occasion to be seen as a social gaffe.
    Among those veterans of wargames weekends and megagames I spoke to were Andy Callan, Andy Grainger, Jim Roche, Chris Kemp, John Ellis, John Drewienkiewicz, Tim Cockitt, Phil Steele and Paul Harris. Since Paddy's contacts didn't always intersect even in the world of wargaming I will have left out some familiar names, I'm sure.
    Many memories were shared: the cardboard simulators, the themed dinners, the hidden scenarios sprung upon players by a guffawing GM, and a trip to Cambrai earlier this year. The mood was necessarily sombre at appropriate moments, but what linked so many of those present was the sheer exuberance and fun that Paddy brought to his enterprises. His framed photograph beamed down at us, and I think he would have been glad to see us there.

  2. Guthrum,

    I wish I could have been there, but it is good to hear that he had a great send-off; he deserved it!

    All the best,



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