Saturday, 10 July 2010

Griffiths at Gettysburg

The UNFASHIONABLY SHINY website has a very interesting blog entry about Paddy Griffith's involvement in the famous BATTLEGROUND TV series that featured wargamed re-fights of famous battles.

The battles that were included in the series were:
  • Edgehill
  • Waterloo
  • Battle of the Nile
  • Chalons sur Marne
  • France, 1944
  • Gettysburg
They were hosted by Edward Woodward (AKA Callan), who introduced each battle to the viewers.

It is a great pity that no copies of these TV programmes seem to exist, as they would probably be appreciated by a new audience these days.


  1. I referred to the battle of the two PG's in my blog following Edward Woodward's death.

    I did track down the producer of Battleground. She promised to come back to me with her memories of the programmes when she has finished her current projects.

    The programmes DO exisit, in the National Film Library. All it needs to make them available is someone with the money to buy the rights and issue the DVDs.

  2. Trebian,

    If, as you say 'All it needs to make them available is someone with the money to buy the rights and issue the DVDs', do we have any idea how much that would cost? If it were not too expensive, it could perhaps be done on a subscription basis (i.e. people subscribe to a fund to buy the rights and get a copy of the DVDs for their subscription). Any proceeds from additional non-subscription sales could then be used to set up some sort of National wargames Collection, possible with Paddy's papers as the core of the collection.

    Just an idea but ...

    All the best,



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