Thursday, 8 July 2010

COW2010: The Joseph Morschauser Session

Thanks to Tim Gow (who unlike me, had his camera with him!) I now have some pictures of the practical part of my session about Joseph Morschauser.

Tony Hawkins and Richard Brooks fight it out on the nearer of the two battlefields whilst David Brock is locked in combat with John Curry on the further one. Peter Roe looks on whilst drinking his morning coffee and I oversee proceedings from the left.

Wayne Thomas (who was just out of shot in the previous photograph) takes a keen interest in the battle between David Brock and John Curry, and even Peter Roe has moved forward to have a better look at what is going on.

The table where the other two battles were taking place is in the background. Nick Huband, John Bassett, David Bradbury, and Russell King – along with an ex-member of the Knuston Hall staff and his partner – can be seen watching the action.

Ian Mitchell and Jonathan Crowe can be seen in the foreground fighting each other (with Nick Huband paying close attention to the action) whilst in the background Russell King is drinking his coffee and watching Bob Bowman battling it out with Dick Scholefield.
As I said in a previous blog entry, I only had eight people sign up for this session, but a lot more turned up for the presentation and then stayed to either take part or watch the rules in use.


  1. Bob,

    What were the armies used in the Morschauser games? How big, what units, etc.? Did the rules work for a variety of periods?

    An inquiring mind wants to know,


  2. Chris J,

    As befits a set of wargames rules entitled 'Frontier', I used 15mm colonial figures from my Sudan collection. Because of the time constraints, I gave each side between 13 and 16 'units', but made sure that each battle had slightly different 'unit types' to play with.

    As to working with different periods ... well I have seen a Napoleonic variant and I have sketched out an ACW one that I have yet to try. I have even considered re-drafting my 'Interbellum' rules along similar lines.

    I hope that this answers your questions, but I will be keeping regular reader of my blog appraised of any developments that I make.

    All the best,