Saturday, 24 July 2010

COW2010: More images of the Joseph Morschauser Session

I was very pleased to find an email from David Bradbury amongst the items in my 'inbox' because he had very kindly sent me some pictures of the practical part of my session about Joseph Morschauser.

This photograph was taken whilst I was giving words of advice and guidance to Jonathan Crowe during his battle with Ian Mitchell. Dick Scholefield (seated on the right) seems more interested in what is going on in the neighbouring battle than in his own, a situation that a very determined Bob Bowman looks to be about to make worse!
This is a close-up of the battle between Jonathan Crowe (who commanded the Anglo-Egyptian forces) and Ian Mitchell (who led the Mahdists). The simple terrain was quick to set-up and take down, and the players all seemed to enjoy the experience of trying out these wargames rules.

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