Saturday, 11 September 2010

Another free plan

This afternoon my wife and I went shopping. I managed to buy some more Goblin Green paint from the local branch of Games Workshop (I do seem to be getting through quite a lot of it at the moment!), and on the way back to the car I happened to go into the newsagent, where I saw a copy of MARINE MODELLING INTERNATIONAL: PLANS & CONSTRUCTION SPECIAL.

What actually caught my eye was the '2 FREE PLANS' caption on the cover ... so I picked it up and realised that one of the free plans was for a Victorian Coastal Defence Battleship called HMS Lord Clive. This was not the name of an actual Victorian battleship, although the name was used for a coastal bombardment monitor during World War I.

The model is a 'stand off' scale model of what were termed 'breastwork' monitors or coastal defence ships, but it is generic enough for my purposes.

The real thing: HMS Glatton (1871)
As soon as I saw it I started to think about building something similar to it – but somewhat smaller – for my Colonial and nineteenth century wargames ... so I bought a copy of the magazine, and the plans have already been added to my archive of future projects ... which seems to be getting bigger and bigger by the day!


  1. certainly looks like fun in the bath-tub ;)

    For wargaming now I think small is beautiful, perhaps it is more of a necessity in a busy house with children ;)

    Is hidable a word? (The spell checker doesn't think so)

  2. Geordie an Exiled FoG,

    In this case small will be beautiful (even thought I don't have the children: I have a wife who likes things to be neat and tidy instead) and it will need to be stored in the increasingly restricted amount of space that I have.

    All the best,


    PS. If 'hidable' isn't a word, it ought to be!

  3. Yes, I am trying to slip an all too large pack of Navwar 1/3000 ships under the radar at the moment.

    Trouble is she is getting better at spotting things ;)

  4. Geordie an Exiled FoG,

    Good luck! Most wives seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to husbands who have bought too many toys!

    All the best,