Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Leaving things to the last minute ...

I had some serious plans for this evening ... but life – or in this case, work – scuppered them.

I start teaching tomorrow, and have been asking for my timetable for some time. I had a draft one given to me on Monday ... but was told almost as soon as I got it that there were going to have to be some changes made to it. I got the final (and hopefully definitive) version ten minutes before I left work this evening. I now find that I am teaching elements of a course that I have never taught before and about which I have only a sketchy knowledge ... and that my first session with the students is tomorrow afternoon!

As a result, the painting and modelling I had planned to do this evening were immediately shelved, and I have spent most of my time looking though the course specification, the relevant chapter in the textbook, and the (minimal) teaching resources a former – and now sacked – colleague had left behind. I now feel confident to start teaching the 'new' section of the course tomorrow ... but it was a close-run thing!

Perhaps I might be able to do my painting and modelling when I get home tomorrow ... but somehow I think that it might be delayed yet again ...

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