Saturday, 4 September 2010

Painted Heroscape™ hexed terrain tiles: A progress report

So far I have managed to paint the following Heroscape™ hexed terrain tiles:
  • 14 x one-hex terrain tiles
  • 7 x two-hex terrain tiles
  • 7 x three-hex terrain tiles
  • 7 x seven-hex terrain tiles
I am just about to prepare 7 x twenty-four-hex terrain tiles for painting, and I hope to begin work on them later this evening, with a projected completion time of tomorrow evening.

If I can maintain this sort of tempo, I should have enough green painted Heroscape™ hexed terrain tiles for a game by the middle of September. My intention is then to paint a similar sized set of sand-coloured hexed terrain tiles. After that … well I will think about that sometime later.

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