Wednesday 8 September 2010

'The computer says no!'

Since the beginning of the month I have mention the failings of the computer system I have to work with once or twice (at least!), but today it failed me so spectacularly that the previous problems seem unimportant.

First it refused to allow me to log on; then it refused to allow me to access the Data Management System I needed to use to register my students. Once these two problems were sorted out, it then refused to allow me access to my own files, including all the teaching materials that I intended to use!

After half an hour of frantic fiddling, the IT technician managed to overcome this problem ... and somehow managed to 'corrupt' my 'roaming profile' (and yes, I don't actually know what this means but I know what it does ... the computer says 'No!' to everything that you ask it to do).

Nearly three hours into the day, the problems were finally solved, and I had full computer access ... just in time for my third lesson. I now feel about ten years older than I did this morning, several shades greyer, and totally in need of something to take my mind off work ... so I will be off home soon to do some much needed modelling and painting ... I hope!

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