Thursday, 16 September 2010

Meetings, meetings, meetings!

When I got up this morning and went to work, I did so in the belief that today I would be able to leave work earlier than normal. On Thursdays I finish teaching at 2.30pm, and my marking and preparation were up-to-date ... so there was nothing to stop me getting home in time to try out my ideas for modifying the combat system used in Richard Borg's BATTLE CRY wargames rules.

I was out of luck.

Just after midday I received an email 'reminding' me that there was a Faculty Meeting at 4.00pm ... a meeting that I had previously been unaware of. So rather than leave at 2.30pm, I had to carry on working until 4.00pm, when I then went to the meeting ... that, as usual, did not start on time. In fact the meeting finally lurched into being at about 4.20pm, and drifted on for over forty minutes. A variety of things were discussed, but nothing seemed to be decided, and I felt that my time could have been better spent. I finally left the building just after 5.00pm, and as a result, I did not get home until just before 6.00pm, feeling thoroughly fed up and no longer in the mood to do much at all.

On the plus side however, I have been sent several useful links to BATTLE CRY-related websites and discussion groups that may have useful tips and ideas for me to look at. I intend to spend half an hour or so visiting them before I go to bed, and with a bit of luck I might have a better day tomorrow.

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