Wednesday, 8 September 2010

... but the deliveryman said, 'Sign here, please.'

After a somewhat eventful day at work, I thought that my problems were going to be never-ending when I drove up to my house … and found a delivery van parked right across the driveway! I was none to pleased, and strode towards my front door in high dudgeon … to be greeted by a friendly deliveryman who had a large parcel for me!

My bad mood evaporated in an instant, and I was only too pleased to sign for the parcel. He even apologised for parking in my way … which made me feel even better about life.

Once inside – and after a fond greeting to and from my wife, I sat down to open the parcel. It contained three books that I had ordered online, and that had been delivered far faster than I had expected. The books were …

SPANISH CIVIL WAR TANKS – THE PROVING GROUND FOR BLITZKRIEG, written by Steven J Zaloga and illustrated by Tony Bryan (published by Osprey as No. 170 in the ‘New Vanguard’ series [ISBN 978 1 84603 512 8]) …

WARGAMING ON A BUDGET – GAMING CONSTRAINED BY MONEY OR SPACE by Iain Dickie (published by Pen and Sword Books Ltd. [ISBN 978 1 84884 115 4]) and …

THE GAMES OF WAR – A TREASURY OF RULES FOR BATTLES WITH TOY SOLDIERS, SHIPS AND PLANES by John Bobek (published by AuthorHouse™ [ISBN 978 1 4343 3028 4]).

My love of the Spanish Civil War made the purchase of the first of these three books a ‘must’, but I hope that the other two will be of interest for different reasons. As I am now fast approaching the age when I will finally retire from work, I am conscious that my wargaming may well have to be less eclectic and more focused when it comes to what I can afford. A quick glance through this book indicates that there a quite a few ideas that I might find useful, and even if some of the things that are featured not applicable to my particular circumstances at present, that may well be in a few years time.

John Bobek’s book is an altogether different sort of publication, but one that nonetheless would appear to have ideas that I will find useful. From what I can gather, John Bobek has used wargaming in schools to help teach history – something I myself did years ago – and the rules I have glanced at seem very suitable for enthusiastic but possibly not very knowledgeable participants. They also seem to place quite a lot of emphasis on the use of simple mechanisms and fast-play (again, very suitable for a young audience) which is also something that is of great interest to me.

As yet I have not read and of these books, but I look forward to doing so over the next few weeks.


  1. Glad to hear something went well for you! I look forward to hearing more about the last 2 of these books.


  2. Ross Mac,

    I hope to read through them in some detail over the next few days, and if I get time I will write a short review of each book.

    All the best,


  3. Looking forward to your reviews of these books. Bobek is pushing his book hard on (as well he should, I suppose).

  4. Itmurnau,

    I have started to read Bobek's book, and it has much to commend it. I hope to write a fuller review in due course.

    All the best,